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photogA Shutterbug’s Site

It has just been 2 years since I got hooked on photography.  When I say hooked, I mean really hooked.  My camera is my constant companion and I take shots of just about anything amd anyone that interests and amazes me. The favorite photos I have taken fill the walls of my room and those of my friends.

I am an avid reader and the National Geographic magazine is one magazine I never miss to read. I am always in constant awe everytime I would read an edition of the magazine and see the beautiful photographs in it. It makes my feel good just poring over the magazine’s glossy pages. It is my fervent wish that one of my photos be featured in that prestigious magazine someday. I am quite ambitious, don’t you think? I admit I am and I am driven too.

I know I still have a long way to go. Being a wide reader, I have gone through books and manuals on photography so I can learn photography basics and techniques.  I have practised and practised and will continue to practise till I am able to shoot my dream photos.

I want you to join me in this journey. I will share with you what I know about my greatest love–photography. Expect some tips and information on basic principles, which I have gathered from pros and lots of photos too.  Be ready for some trivia on the subject matter and other interesting facts about photography.  Of course I would also talk about cameras and photo accessories for hobbyists and pros. I know I am no pro but I read books by pros and I will pass on what they say to you no more, no less.

I am Jennifer Vanham, a certified shutterbug.